"To A Friend"

I'd like to be the kind of Friend
That you have been to me:
I'd like to be the special help that
You've been glad to be.

I know I am blessed for only God can
make a Friend like you:
You know just how to cheer me up
whenever I am feeling blue.

Could I but have one wish fulfilled,
This one only would it be~
I'd like to be the kind of friend
You've always been to me.

Please send this page to your Friends
and let them know how much their Friendship
means to you!

This page was made for all
my online friends that warm my Heart
and are in my thoughts daily.
All of you are precious and dear to me
and will always be in my heart forever~
I cherish all our times that we
have had together.
And if you think You are special,
you are because I Love each and
everyone of you dearly and always will.
My blessing of love to each and
everyone of You.
~Barbara Sue~

This page is dedicated
to my dear sweet friend
"Diana Bender"~
My love always and forever~Barbara Sue~

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